Your Online Business Presence

thumbsocial (1)Using social media to increase sales, to better customer relations, to engage possible customers, and to create a positive image for the company are some of the ways business use social media to their advantage.  Nonetheless, businesses have to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of having a presence online.  Below, we give you information about business and social media; we hope you find it useful.

Lessons in approaching the B2B market using social media

Social is inherently not made for business at all. The business to consumer or brands interacting with consumers on social in general, is a tough nut to crack. This begs the question – how do we approach business-to-business communication using social media?

Social media for engagement – Not followers

Here seems to be much confusion between online marketers around social media and its benefits. Not only do people set ineffective goals, but their strategy is focused on tactics which will take real benefits away from a business.

What Is The Significant Impact Of Social Media On Businesses?

The million dollar question every business owner has about social media is, “What is the impact of social media on my business? What will I gain from having a social media presence?”

As with any aspect of marketing, the answer ultimately depends on your goals, but let’s take a broad approach to these questions…