Turning Likes into Sales

thumbsocial (5)It is one thing to engage an audience enough to get a few likes or comments on Facebook posts or a YouTube promo video, but it is quite another to turn these anonymous comments into paying customers. Many business owners expect social media to do all of the work when it comes to pushing a potential client down the sales funnel. The truth is that the correct use of online media platforms includes a human element that must be included in all correspondence from the beginning of the sales process all the way to the end.

– Getting Those Likes

Although this is not easy for a new business, this is the easy part. You should not be selling anything at this point; your main goal is to inform your targeted audience about your business service and spur interest in it.

To do this, post open commentary and ask questions which require an answer. Stay involved in the conversation and choose recent, relevant topics in your industry. Showcase your knowledge as an expert so that people begin to trust you as a source of the latest information and solutions.

– Showcasing Professional Expertise that is Worth Paying For

Now that you have an engaged audience, you must begin to direct them to your solutions. This is not done through hard sales techniques, but through a judicious dissemination of resources which will include your company. Providing answers is much more important than saying your company can solve everything; simply having your links in your profile will entice people to check your services if you are seen as an expert.

Do not be afraid of cannibalizing yourself by giving away tips. Most customers simply want to know that you are an expert before they trust you with the solution to their problems.

– Customer Conversion

Now that you have the attention of your audience as a solutions provider, you can begin to direct them to your website. The general consensus is that one in four messages can be a self serving link – the other three out of four should be strictly communications.