The Power of Social Media

thumbsocial (13)This is what’s new in Social Media this week.  We all know the mantra of “The Customer is always right”. We know some businesses go above and beyond the call of duty (Customer Service), but the following article will give you w an insight into what social media is doing for customers today, and what it means for your business!

Businesses Beware: The Power of Social Media! 

The power of one voice can make enough waves to disrupt any business foundation, especially when that voice is heard all over the Internet. Consumers are slowly starting to show their hand to big businesses and it is leaving business owners quaking in their boots!

A New Mobile Experience Designed for the Everyday Professional [VIDEO]

Our mobile audience has greatly evolved over the past year. Today, our mobile professionals span across the globe and represent a broad spectrum, from executives to young professionals and from road warriors to desk ninjas.

New York City’s 20 Most InDemand Employers 

Our company rankings just got more interesting. Last year, we gave you the world’s Most InDemand Employers, along with sub-lists for specific countries and functions. Now we’re taking our insights down to the city level and just today at Connect in Ney York, we announced the Big Apple’s rankings.

Salesforce Wants to Remake Marketing — and Itself

The head of has what he hopes will be a major new product. What he really thinks it is about, though, is remaking his company for the age of social media.