Best Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Financial Advisors

Want to know the best reasons to use LinkedIn for financial advisors?

Consider this:

orange telephoneDo you do any cold calling, lead generation, or prospect/customer research or is all your business referral based? If you make even one cold call, you could do better to research someone (not everyone) on LinkedIn and find out a bunch more about them. You could find out what groups they are part of, what their interests are, and find something in common to warm up a cold call.

Additionally, if you refer any business, or get any referral business, LinkedIn rocks!

You can look at (most of) your connection’s connections and see who you want to do business with, and ask for an introduction, even off the LinkedIn platform. Alternatively, you can connect anyone to anyone who is using the platform more quickly and easily than anywhere else in a way that means business, not just fluffiness.

LinkedIn is not perfect, but it works well for getting referrals and giving referrals and doing customer and prospect research, and other things as well, for financial advisors.

What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors?

One question I often get asked by my financial advisor clients and prospects is:

What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors?

Before I answer that, let me tell you how I determine a successful platform for financial advisors.

Are your clients there?

If clients use a specific social media platform, you should be on it to listen first, at a minimum, and participate if you are allowed by your compliance department. How do you know if your clients are on a specific platform? Ask them what websites they frequent, for leisure, for business, and for information. Then go there!

Are your ideal prospects there?

If your ideal prospects are on a specific social media platform, you should be there too! How do you know if your prospects on a platform? Search for their name, and for people like them, in your favorite search engine. Search for the names of the platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and their name or e-mail address. Those searches look like Phil Gerbyshak LinkedIn (replacing LinkedIn with the platform you are looking for).

Also, search for their name or e-mail address and the word forum and message board (2 separate searches) and check those out. That search would look like Phil Gerbyshak forum or Phil Gerbyshak message board.

Is the platform easy to connect to your clients and prospects?

If a platform makes it easy to connect to your clients and prospects, chances are better that you’ll actually USE the platform to connect to your clients and prospects. If it’s too hard, you probably won’t use it, no matter how beneficial it might be to you.

Is the platform easy to connect BEYOND your clients and prospects?

Can you see who your clients and prospects are connected to – and can you easily connect to those people? Admittedly, most of the time, you will want to ask your clients for a warm introduction to their connections, but sometimes, you will reach out on your own, and it should be relatively easy to do on the platform, or you won’t do it.

What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors?

LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors.

All of the Fortune 5000 are using the platform, with more joining every second.  It is a very easy to use platform, once you learn how or are trained how to use LinkedIn as a financial advisor, and it allows you to easily connect to the friends, family and co-workers of your clients and prospects like no other social media platform on the planet.

3 Reasons Why You Might Block Anyone From Seeing Your Profile on LinkedIn

As the most effective social media platform for financial professionals works on a blocking feature to match those on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, the question I ask myself is why would you want to block anyone on LinkedIn?

3 reasons why I would block someone on LinkedIn:

They’re a stalker or they have stalker like behaviors

This is just not ok, so if someone is a stalker, or they exhibit stalker like behaviors, then you should be able to block them from viewing your profile. I know women and men alike that have had someone look at their profile every day – and NEVER send a message. This is creepy at a minimum, and stalker-like behavior (at least early stages) at the worst. I’d definitely block this person from seeing my profile on LinkedIn.

They’re a former business partner or employee of yours

Former business partners and former employees know the same clients, prospects, and other people you know. Showing them as your connections and allowing them to run through your connections is just giving them the opportunity to bad mouth you or steal your clients. I’d consider blocking this person from seeing my profile on LinkedIn.

They’re a former personal partner of yours

If you are no longer dating or married to someone, and you don’t want that person to know where you work or who you’re connecting to, then blocking them from your LinkedIn profile makes sense. I could see blocking a former personal partner from seeing your profile.

Those are my 3 reasons why you might block anyone from seeing your profile on LinkedIn. While it isn’t yet a feature LinkedIn offers, I’d bet soon it will be, so you should think about this as part of your personal connection (and disconnection) strategy.

Sales and Social Media

From the way we communicate, to the way we do business, there is no doubt social media has changed the way we interact with each other.

We have talked about how LinkedIn has increasingly become more relevant in people’s life if they are looking for a job, and for employers to look into these mediums for prospective employees.  It is no longer about connecting people to people, but businesses connecting to customers as well.

Being able to connect to millions of people and offer your products and services using social media is no longer achievable, but necessary in today’s global economy

Read the news below to find out more about social media and sales.

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I consult with companies regarding their Marketing and Sales efforts on a weekly basis. During many of these conversations, I might refer to one of our internal processes or our graphic designer. What happens next catches me off guard:

Why Dominates Social Media Commerce While Other Brands Struggle

With high profile brands such as Gap, Gamestop and, in the US, JcPenney, having opened and then subsequently closed Facebook stores (presumably because they weren’t delivering ROI) it would be easy to assume that social media is not suitable for sales – too easy, perhaps.


Phil Gerbyshak

philgerbyshak interview pic.Phil Gerbyshak is the chief connections officer who works with financial services professionals to increase employee & customer engagement by using social media to create and build relationships. He helps them understand it’s really not about the tools; it’s all about the conversations they participate in and the connections they create and cultivate.

Ron McDaniel from Buzzoodle interviewed Phil Gerbyshak about lead generation using social media, taking full advantage of linkedIn as a source of leads, how to build a better network, and how to use this social media giant to make a cold lead, warm.

Following are some of the questions posed to Phil.

 Ron: Hey Phil, I shouldn’t be telling people about you. You should be telling us a little about yourself. How did you get into this line of work; I mean, what made you interested in this?

Phil: Well, if we rewind, I worked in information technology for a long time; and by a long time I mean back when dial up modems existed and only operated at sub-optimal speeds: 9600 blog, super slow. It took days and days to even download a picture. Got there, and then about, oh, gosh now, it’s almost ten years ago that I saw technology was changing, and it was changing from being all about the tools and all about the traffic, to being all about the people.

Ron: Okay. Well, the first question is: have you gotten leads from using the free version of LinkedIn?

Phil:  Absolutely. So, when you are using the free version of LinkedIn there are a lot of things that aren’t available to you. That’s perfectly fine, but just recognize that there are some things you can’t do. The first thing is a very obvious one, but something that’s really important, and that is you always have to be growing your network. You always have to be adding new connections.

Ron: I was going to ask, does the whole “keep it to a very small group that you know well,” or, “spam everybody and get huge numbers,” work?

Phil: Yeah, great question. I think anyone that you think of can either:
A) Benefit—so the products and services you have to offer could benefit somebody else—or
B) If the other person is likely to be a benefit to you.

So once you have a balanced list of contacts, and you add those connections in a personalized way, then you need to stay top of mind. So when you are getting these, and now that you are connected to people, then you have to stay top of mind, folks. The easiest way to do that is to update your status.

Now the last lead generation tip for using the free version of LinkedIn is that if you can answer questions in groups, not just posting questions, but answer questions that add value in the groups that you belong to–they could be alumni groups, they could be industry-specific groups, they could be hobby groups, whatever—if you answer questions and you are genuinely helpful, people will remember you. And then, later on, if you then ask that they be part of your network or introduce you to somebody, they are going to remember that you are a helpful guy or gal, and they are going to be much more apt to help you.

If you would like to read the full interview follow this link.






Video – How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn

Ron McDaniel interviews Phil Gerbyshak about how to generate leads on LinkedIn. Learn LinkedIn tips for business results.

Lead Generation tips with LinkedIn

Lead generation for all kinds of reasons can be done in many ways through the power of Linkedin. Linkedin is very good to use because of all the professional people who own businesses that are on this site. You will find it quite wonderful to be on Linkedin because of the connections that you can get. In this article, you will find out why Linkedin is great for helping you to use it specifically for lead generation. You will learn more about Linkedin and its full power it can give your business.

Lead generation tips on Linkedin

– Linkedin answers

Linkedin answers is a very reliable way to help you to finally get more success. When peoplpe ask questions and you know the answer, simply leave your lead gen site as a link in your answer. Just be sure to give a respectable answer that makes them want to continuously learn more about you and click on your link. If your answers are not exactly helpful, the people reading your answers will end up questioning your professionalism and experience. You really just want to help people out while also trying to get those customers.

– Linkedin ads

The reason why Linkedin is so great is that they have a wonderful Linkedin paid section. This works the same way as constantly paying for ads found on YouTube and Google Adwords. Create short copy, set a destination link, and simply bid for the lowest price point possible. You can lead all of your readers to visiting your lead gen site or any site you would like to use in general.

– Join groups

It is best to join local groups on Linkedin throughout your immediate circle. You will be able to get more connections this way very quickly. Many people have used this technique to help them expand their group circle and guide them to getting more attention. It is really possible to get more leads and people to talk when you join more groups. It is definitely worth it to consider getting into Linkedin groups because of the people who will contact you personally.

LinkedIn And The Business world.

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