Social Media News and Technology

Are you up to date with the latest technologies shaping the future of Social Media? Do you know the regulations set up by S.E.C for corporations to follow? Below, you will find an array of information relating to social media and the impact it may have in your life.

S.E.C. Sets Rules for Using Social Media to Make Disclosures

Chief executives can now feel free to post, blog or tweet — as long as they inform investors about their social media strategy first.

7 Technologies Shaping the Future of Social Media

In 2019, when you look back at the social media landscape ten years earlier, you might laugh at how hard you had to work. You had to type things into forms (ha! remember those?), type URLs in the address bar (how archaic!), and put up with irritating communications about irrelevant products. Social media in the future will be effortless and everywhere.

Social Media and the Internet: A Retrospective

I still remember sitting in my dorm room at Boston College during the spring of 2004 when Facebook literally first burst onto the scene.

Why Facebook, Twitter And Instagram Put Up Roadblocks To Each Others’ Content

TweetDeck— a Twitter service for managing multiple social media accounts — quietly launched the latest salvo in the social media wars.