Sales and Social Media

From the way we communicate, to the way we do business, there is no doubt social media has changed the way we interact with each other.

We have talked about how LinkedIn has increasingly become more relevant in people’s life if they are looking for a job, and for employers to look into these mediums for prospective employees.  It is no longer about connecting people to people, but businesses connecting to customers as well.

Being able to connect to millions of people and offer your products and services using social media is no longer achievable, but necessary in today’s global economy

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Is sales the next frontier for social media?

Twitter is established as a powerful new channel for marketing communications and customer care, but could sales be next for the 140-character treatment? And what does this mean for this most personal of business functions?

Use Video Marketing for Sales and ROI Boost

Let’s talk sales and how video marketing can work for your brand or organization.

Why Video Marketing Works

I consult with companies regarding their Marketing and Sales efforts on a weekly basis. During many of these conversations, I might refer to one of our internal processes or our graphic designer. What happens next catches me off guard:

Why Dominates Social Media Commerce While Other Brands Struggle

With high profile brands such as Gap, Gamestop and, in the US, JcPenney, having opened and then subsequently closed Facebook stores (presumably because they weren’t delivering ROI) it would be easy to assume that social media is not suitable for sales – too easy, perhaps.