Phil Gerbyshak

philgerbyshak interview pic.Phil Gerbyshak is the chief connections officer who works with financial services professionals to increase employee & customer engagement by using social media to create and build relationships. He helps them understand it’s really not about the tools; it’s all about the conversations they participate in and the connections they create and cultivate.

Ron McDaniel from Buzzoodle interviewed Phil Gerbyshak about lead generation using social media, taking full advantage of linkedIn as a source of leads, how to build a better network, and how to use this social media giant to make a cold lead, warm.

Following are some of the questions posed to Phil.

 Ron: Hey Phil, I shouldn’t be telling people about you. You should be telling us a little about yourself. How did you get into this line of work; I mean, what made you interested in this?

Phil: Well, if we rewind, I worked in information technology for a long time; and by a long time I mean back when dial up modems existed and only operated at sub-optimal speeds: 9600 blog, super slow. It took days and days to even download a picture. Got there, and then about, oh, gosh now, it’s almost ten years ago that I saw technology was changing, and it was changing from being all about the tools and all about the traffic, to being all about the people.

Ron: Okay. Well, the first question is: have you gotten leads from using the free version of LinkedIn?

Phil:  Absolutely. So, when you are using the free version of LinkedIn there are a lot of things that aren’t available to you. That’s perfectly fine, but just recognize that there are some things you can’t do. The first thing is a very obvious one, but something that’s really important, and that is you always have to be growing your network. You always have to be adding new connections.

Ron: I was going to ask, does the whole “keep it to a very small group that you know well,” or, “spam everybody and get huge numbers,” work?

Phil: Yeah, great question. I think anyone that you think of can either:
A) Benefit—so the products and services you have to offer could benefit somebody else—or
B) If the other person is likely to be a benefit to you.

So once you have a balanced list of contacts, and you add those connections in a personalized way, then you need to stay top of mind. So when you are getting these, and now that you are connected to people, then you have to stay top of mind, folks. The easiest way to do that is to update your status.

Now the last lead generation tip for using the free version of LinkedIn is that if you can answer questions in groups, not just posting questions, but answer questions that add value in the groups that you belong to–they could be alumni groups, they could be industry-specific groups, they could be hobby groups, whatever—if you answer questions and you are genuinely helpful, people will remember you. And then, later on, if you then ask that they be part of your network or introduce you to somebody, they are going to remember that you are a helpful guy or gal, and they are going to be much more apt to help you.

If you would like to read the full interview follow this link.