Learning From Five Guys And Chipotle

thumbsocial (11)As you read the articles we posted for you today, one question may come to mind. Is my social media campaign likely to flop, or will it become a sudden sensation? What will I have to do to promote my business and products so I can reach a tremendous customer base? According to the first article, your involvement in your social media campaign is vital to the success and continuity of it. Read the articles below to find out whether your social media campaign is right on track.

What Five Guys and Chipotle can teach your business about social media

The invasion of American food chains in cities around the world is not a new trend. In almost every major world attraction, museum, or transport station, there is a McDonald’s within walking distance.


It’s not just McDonald’s, either; KFC, Burger King, Subway and many more have also expanded outside the United States, further flooding the food market.

One reason why McDonald’s and the rest of the large chains of American food have succeeded is their ability to spend massive amounts of money on traditional advertising and promotion. They are able to advertise at every commercial break and on every street corner because of the large amounts of capital they have and the sheer size of these organisations. Such large advertising expenses are not feasible for most companies and it may prove difficult to model expansion after a multinational corporation.

How to avoid the pitfalls of social media marketing

Play the social media game right and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be great for engaging with your business’s target market.

Social media marketing has become a hot topic for businesses and entrepreneurs are constantly bombarded by information about how to increase their social media impact and optimise engagement. Getting social media strategies right can be a great way for a business to engage with its target market, but bad social media efforts can drive potential customers away just as easily.

Why LinkedIn Became My Favorite Social Network

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn has grown well beyond its roots as an online resume and recruitment tool. The site claims that more than two new members sign up every second. LinkedIn boasts more than 170 million unique monthly visitors from around the world.

Of the many social networks constantly vying for my attention—Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and maybe YouTube—LinkedIn has won my heart. Here’s why:

They Keep It Strictly Business

Counter to the never-ending selfies on Instagram, food porn on Pinterest, silly GIFs on Tumblr, messy drama and rants on Facebook, the tone and presentation of LinkedIn maintains a rare social media decorum and professionalism.