Is Your Social Media Marketing Working?

thumbsocial (7)If you are new to the Social Media Marketing arena, you may be wondering what to do. Social media news and information are abundant, and you may be wondering where to turn to conceive and implement a social media marketing campaign for your business that makes sense. Below you will find information for you about social media, your business, and whether you social marketing is working.

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Business Growth and Social Media

If you’re looking for a place to focus your business growth efforts, try social media.

Word-of-mouth marketing has received a technology makeover, and it’s called social media. Hands down, it’s the most powerful tool that any business owner can use to engage customers and drive revenue growth. But here’s the rub. Even though small business owners understand how important social media is to their success, for the most part it’s still a theoretical understanding. They’re not taking advantage of social media’s full potential. So says Steven D. Strauss, small business expert and author of “The Small Business Bible.”

4 Ways To Find out If Your Social MArketing Is Working               

There’s no denying that popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have earned a significant following. The same is true for video sharing sites, like YouTube, and other forms of social media. Given that, it does not come as a surprise that a number of businesses – large and small – are investing in social media efforts in order to boost the return of their other marketing and advertising investments.

While this strategy can prove to be effective, what you must keep in mind here is that creating and executing a social media campaign should not be the end step. You should also take time to evaluate whether your social media efforts are successful or not. This will help you identify the strong and weak points of your efforts, so you can address any issues and improve your results with the next campaign.

To help you with evaluating your success, here are some tips.

Count your friends and followers

5 steps for a social media crisis communications plan

This week I had the opportunity to speak at PRSA Nashville’s luncheon on Preventing a Social Media Nightmare with Stephen Zralek, an attorney at Bone McAllester Norton PLLC. Since it’s been fresh on my mind, I wanted to dive a little more into the topic of social media and crisis communications.

Since social media has become a mainstream marketing channel for brands, there has been a need for crisis communications.