How Mom-and-Pop Stores Can Benefit From Social Media

Most large companies use social media outlets to promote their businesses on a regular basis. However, recently, there are more and more small businesses that are beginning to tap into the effective advertising force of social media as well. For example, a local antique store that is relatively small in size and vastly smaller than a national company is implementing Facebook as a way to advertise new products. This advertisement reaches former customers enticing them to come back into the store and procure the latest deals.

What is effective advertising?

Advertising is more about keeping a company’s name or products in the forefront of their customer’s minds than convincing them they need a product. Most people understand they do not need every new product on the market. However, if companies can get their products out there in a way that customers are seeing them on a regular basis, customers will begin to desire those items and eventually go into the store and purchase them.

How social media helps small stores increase their customer base:

The inception of big box stores led to the demise of most mom-and-pop stores. However, today, some of them are now becoming profitable again thanks to social media. Aside from keeping local customers abreast of new products, social media also allows small stores to advertise their products across the nation. For example, the small antique store mentioned above will have limited range of potential customers within driving distance. However, their potential customers grows drastically when they advertise with social media because now the whole world can procure items from their store and have it shipped to their location.

Using social media correctly can open many possibilities for small businesses, and those business owners who are smart enough to tap into that resource are finding great success as a result. It is honestly foolish for a small business owner to not use social media to promote their business. After all, how else will a small store reach a nationwide audience? Therefore, understanding how to properly use social media in a business promotion capacity is something every small business owner should learn.