How a Financial Advisor Got a $70 Million Client from LinkedIn

Can financial advisors really get business from LinkedIn? One Morgan Stanley advisor did – and he landed a $70 million account because of it.

Lauren Boyman, head of digital strategy for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, had this to say in a ThinkAdvisor interview:

“For those advisors who are using social and doing so on a daily basis—meaning it’s actually part of their practice, something they have absorbed—40% have gotten a new client,” she says, adding that a failure to be consistent will yield no better results than trying to diet by going to the gym once a month.

“It has to be part of their business development and marketing efforts on a regular basis,” she says.

How can you make this part of YOUR financial advisor business development and marketing efforts on a daily basis? Here’s a few to start you off with.

3 things you can do on LinkedIn every day

  • Update your status with valuable tips and articles
  • Prospect for new connections
  • Accept new connection requests

Those are just starting points! There is so much more you can do every day, and it WILL make a difference. Will you land a $70 million account?


At the very least, you’ll deepen your existing connections, making you more referable to their friends, family, and co-workers, thus earning you more business, all because of LinkedIn.

You can read the whole article about the Morgan Stanley advisor here.

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