How to Host Your Own Free Online TV Show

Have you ever wanted to be a TV star? When I was a kid, I watched admiringly at the folks who had their own TV shows. Comedies, dramas, and my favorite, the news. Yep, I was a news junkie.

I always wanted to have my own TV show, but it used to be really hard. You had to know someone at a TV station, and then beg them to be on TV. With the Internet, it got easier. All you had to do was record some video and find a place for the video to live, edit the video, and post it on your website.

Now, thanks to the wonders of Google+, it’s never been easier to have your own online TV show.

Want to know how? Watch this quick video and then set up YOUR TV show!

Yes Financial Advisors Can Accept Endorsements on LinkedIn (But They Shouldn’t)

I am frequently asked by my financial advisor clients something that bothers them all:

Am I able to accept endorsements on LinkedIn?

First and foremost, your compliance department should be asked.

And most compliance departments will say no to endorsements, and will cite SEC Rule 206(4)1: Advertisements by Investment Advisors:

It shall constitute a fraudulent, deceptive, or manipulative act, practice, or course of business within the meaning of section 206(4) of the Act for any investment adviser registered or required to be registered under section 203 of the Act, directly or indirectly, to publish, circulate, or distribute any advertisement: (1) Which refers, directly or indirectly, to any testimonial of any kind concerning the investment adviser or concerning any advice, analysis, report or other service rendered by such investment adviser.

If you really read this regulation closely, you can infer you are able to have endorsements on your LinkedIn profile – as long as they are not from a client or related to the financial services industry and your ability to manage anyone’s money.

In a release last year about social media, the SEC added: “The term “testimonial” is not defined in Rule 206(4)-1(a)(1), but SEC staff consistently interprets that term to include a statement of a client’s experience with, or endorsement of, an investment adviser.”

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Accept Endorsements on LinkedIn

Do you want your profile under the compliance and rule makers microscope? Adding endorsements to your profile for non-investment things by non-clients is just inviting the scrutiny of the rule makers (FINRA and SEC). Not to mention, what happens if the person who wants to write you an endorsement suddenly becomes a client? Are you going to remember to remove their endorsement? Doubtful.

Does an endorsement in something unrelated to your job make you look better at your job? Have you ever had a client or prospect say “I selected you to manage my money because I saw you’re really good at tiddlywinks and checkers on LinkedIn?” I didn’t think so.

Third, if you have no endorsements displayed on LinkedIn, and most of the other ethical financial professionals you (and your clients) know don’t have endorsements displayed, does this really make a difference in selecting you? Again, I doubt it.

Alternatives to LinkedIn Endorsements

What can you do instead of getting an endorsement on LinkedIn? I think there are 2 things that can work particularly effectively.

Put on your profile that you the financial services industry does not allow relevant endorsements, so you won’t be displaying any endorsements. A simple statement like “My industry does not allow relevant endorsements to be displayed on LinkedIn” is enough for most people to understand why you don’t have any endorsements.

Respond to endorsements with a personal note. If one of your clients, former clients, co-workers, friends or enemies endorses you, send them a personal message. Thank them for the endorsement – and let them know you don’t display endorsements because you are in the financial services industry. Invite them to come into your office if they have questions. Who knows – this could even lead to a new client or a deepened relationship as you get to explain your philosophy to them and explain that you are taking the ethical high road on this decision.

That’s why I think financial advisors should not accept endorsements on LinkedIn.

What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors?

One question I often get asked by my financial advisor clients and prospects is:

What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors?

Before I answer that, let me tell you how I determine a successful platform for financial advisors.

Are your clients there?

If clients use a specific social media platform, you should be on it to listen first, at a minimum, and participate if you are allowed by your compliance department. How do you know if your clients are on a specific platform? Ask them what websites they frequent, for leisure, for business, and for information. Then go there!

Are your ideal prospects there?

If your ideal prospects are on a specific social media platform, you should be there too! How do you know if your prospects on a platform? Search for their name, and for people like them, in your favorite search engine. Search for the names of the platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and their name or e-mail address. Those searches look like Phil Gerbyshak LinkedIn (replacing LinkedIn with the platform you are looking for).

Also, search for their name or e-mail address and the word forum and message board (2 separate searches) and check those out. That search would look like Phil Gerbyshak forum or Phil Gerbyshak message board.

Is the platform easy to connect to your clients and prospects?

If a platform makes it easy to connect to your clients and prospects, chances are better that you’ll actually USE the platform to connect to your clients and prospects. If it’s too hard, you probably won’t use it, no matter how beneficial it might be to you.

Is the platform easy to connect BEYOND your clients and prospects?

Can you see who your clients and prospects are connected to – and can you easily connect to those people? Admittedly, most of the time, you will want to ask your clients for a warm introduction to their connections, but sometimes, you will reach out on your own, and it should be relatively easy to do on the platform, or you won’t do it.

What is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors?

LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for financial advisors.

All of the Fortune 5000 are using the platform, with more joining every second.  It is a very easy to use platform, once you learn how or are trained how to use LinkedIn as a financial advisor, and it allows you to easily connect to the friends, family and co-workers of your clients and prospects like no other social media platform on the planet.

How a Financial Advisor Got a $70 Million Client from LinkedIn

Can financial advisors really get business from LinkedIn? One Morgan Stanley advisor did – and he landed a $70 million account because of it.

Lauren Boyman, head of digital strategy for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, had this to say in a ThinkAdvisor interview:

“For those advisors who are using social and doing so on a daily basis—meaning it’s actually part of their practice, something they have absorbed—40% have gotten a new client,” she says, adding that a failure to be consistent will yield no better results than trying to diet by going to the gym once a month.

“It has to be part of their business development and marketing efforts on a regular basis,” she says.

How can you make this part of YOUR financial advisor business development and marketing efforts on a daily basis? Here’s a few to start you off with.

3 things you can do on LinkedIn every day

  • Update your status with valuable tips and articles
  • Prospect for new connections
  • Accept new connection requests

Those are just starting points! There is so much more you can do every day, and it WILL make a difference. Will you land a $70 million account?


At the very least, you’ll deepen your existing connections, making you more referable to their friends, family, and co-workers, thus earning you more business, all because of LinkedIn.

You can read the whole article about the Morgan Stanley advisor here.

Want help making this part of your daily practice? Bring us in to do LinkedIn training or contact Social Media Coach to create a custom program for you and your team.

Advantages of Social Media Platforms

thumbsocial (10)Advantages of Social Media Platforms For Business

Social media is everywhere. If a person has a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, he or she is a part of the social media world. While social media sites are great for bringing people together, it is also useful for business marketing.

A website like Facebook is a great place for people to connect with old friends or relatives. The interface of the website is pretty user-friendly and allows a person to personalize their Facebook experience even more. This site is also a great place to organize public events and gatherings to help promote brand awareness.

While Facebook is great for connecting with friends of old and new, a website like LinkedIn is a social media platform used by professionals from all fields. Highly beneficial for job recruiters and job candidates, LinkedIn will help users become connected with other related professionals. This social platform is advantageous for those who are interested in a specific industry and wish to make a career in it.

Twitter is a social platform known as a micro blogging site. It’s a fast way to communicate with family, friends or coworkers in messages of 140 characters or less. Since Twitter is such a fast way to communicate, news and knowledge travels around the world faster. Politicians, celebrities and businesses use Twitter to communicate as well. Businesses and advertisers who use Twitter can conjure short, concise messages to market their brand and products.

Social platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr are more visual platforms that can benefit a business. When someone is enthralled or intrigued by a picture posted by a business on Pinterest, he can pin it to his board and the image will reach a new audience. Tumblr is very user friendly blog and is also visually beneficial for business. Businesses can find users interested in topics or items similar to their product and also create a fan base by reblogging or liking posts.

There are plenty of ways for a business to market itself on the internet. Each social platform has viable ways to connect with potential customers and clients. It is up to the business to decide which social platform will best suit their marketing needs.

Turning Likes into Sales

thumbsocial (5)It is one thing to engage an audience enough to get a few likes or comments on Facebook posts or a YouTube promo video, but it is quite another to turn these anonymous comments into paying customers. Many business owners expect social media to do all of the work when it comes to pushing a potential client down the sales funnel. The truth is that the correct use of online media platforms includes a human element that must be included in all correspondence from the beginning of the sales process all the way to the end.

– Getting Those Likes

Although this is not easy for a new business, this is the easy part. You should not be selling anything at this point; your main goal is to inform your targeted audience about your business service and spur interest in it.

To do this, post open commentary and ask questions which require an answer. Stay involved in the conversation and choose recent, relevant topics in your industry. Showcase your knowledge as an expert so that people begin to trust you as a source of the latest information and solutions.

– Showcasing Professional Expertise that is Worth Paying For

Now that you have an engaged audience, you must begin to direct them to your solutions. This is not done through hard sales techniques, but through a judicious dissemination of resources which will include your company. Providing answers is much more important than saying your company can solve everything; simply having your links in your profile will entice people to check your services if you are seen as an expert.

Do not be afraid of cannibalizing yourself by giving away tips. Most customers simply want to know that you are an expert before they trust you with the solution to their problems.

– Customer Conversion

Now that you have the attention of your audience as a solutions provider, you can begin to direct them to your website. The general consensus is that one in four messages can be a self serving link – the other three out of four should be strictly communications.

How Mom-and-Pop Stores Can Benefit From Social Media

Most large companies use social media outlets to promote their businesses on a regular basis. However, recently, there are more and more small businesses that are beginning to tap into the effective advertising force of social media as well. For example, a local antique store that is relatively small in size and vastly smaller than a national company is implementing Facebook as a way to advertise new products. This advertisement reaches former customers enticing them to come back into the store and procure the latest deals.

What is effective advertising?

Advertising is more about keeping a company’s name or products in the forefront of their customer’s minds than convincing them they need a product. Most people understand they do not need every new product on the market. However, if companies can get their products out there in a way that customers are seeing them on a regular basis, customers will begin to desire those items and eventually go into the store and purchase them.

How social media helps small stores increase their customer base:

The inception of big box stores led to the demise of most mom-and-pop stores. However, today, some of them are now becoming profitable again thanks to social media. Aside from keeping local customers abreast of new products, social media also allows small stores to advertise their products across the nation. For example, the small antique store mentioned above will have limited range of potential customers within driving distance. However, their potential customers grows drastically when they advertise with social media because now the whole world can procure items from their store and have it shipped to their location.

Using social media correctly can open many possibilities for small businesses, and those business owners who are smart enough to tap into that resource are finding great success as a result. It is honestly foolish for a small business owner to not use social media to promote their business. After all, how else will a small store reach a nationwide audience? Therefore, understanding how to properly use social media in a business promotion capacity is something every small business owner should learn.

Lead Generation tips with FaceBook

Social media sites such as Facebook are used by millions of people all over the world. This social media site is a great way for a business or a person to get exposure. There are several ways to generate leads on Facebook and build a following.

When looking to promote a business or personal interest it is important to find people interested in the product or service that is being offered. Having hundreds of followers are not doing any good if not one of them is interested. To find people that are interested try clicking on group pages with similar interests or those that would benefit from the product. The people you may know feature on Facebook also puts the user in touch with friendly looking people who post positive comments. Joining these groups and starting conversations with people that are posting comments regularly can get things rolling and is a great start for marketing.

Once people are taking notice on Facebook it is important to have a profile that is easy to read and easy to find out more information. A link to a blog or webpage can be posted in the about me section of the page so others do not have to search for it. A fan page is also easy to set up to an account that allows others to like the page. In order to get people to like it a free offer or coupon can be added.

This will get people to like the page and sign up for the mailing list. Words like free and discount are great when trying to market a business and generate more leads. Facebook is also a great place to put a pay per click add once the people that are interested in the business are found. Giving a small incentive will attract people to the webpage and help generate leads more quickly. Facebook is a great way to reach millions of people in a short period of time and generate more leads which leads to more business.

Lead Generation tips with LinkedIn

Lead generation for all kinds of reasons can be done in many ways through the power of Linkedin. Linkedin is very good to use because of all the professional people who own businesses that are on this site. You will find it quite wonderful to be on Linkedin because of the connections that you can get. In this article, you will find out why Linkedin is great for helping you to use it specifically for lead generation. You will learn more about Linkedin and its full power it can give your business.

Lead generation tips on Linkedin

– Linkedin answers

Linkedin answers is a very reliable way to help you to finally get more success. When peoplpe ask questions and you know the answer, simply leave your lead gen site as a link in your answer. Just be sure to give a respectable answer that makes them want to continuously learn more about you and click on your link. If your answers are not exactly helpful, the people reading your answers will end up questioning your professionalism and experience. You really just want to help people out while also trying to get those customers.

– Linkedin ads

The reason why Linkedin is so great is that they have a wonderful Linkedin paid section. This works the same way as constantly paying for ads found on YouTube and Google Adwords. Create short copy, set a destination link, and simply bid for the lowest price point possible. You can lead all of your readers to visiting your lead gen site or any site you would like to use in general.

– Join groups

It is best to join local groups on Linkedin throughout your immediate circle. You will be able to get more connections this way very quickly. Many people have used this technique to help them expand their group circle and guide them to getting more attention. It is really possible to get more leads and people to talk when you join more groups. It is definitely worth it to consider getting into Linkedin groups because of the people who will contact you personally.