3 Reasons Why You Might Block Anyone From Seeing Your Profile on LinkedIn

As the most effective social media platform for financial professionals works on a blocking feature to match those on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, the question I ask myself is why would you want to block anyone on LinkedIn?

3 reasons why I would block someone on LinkedIn:

They’re a stalker or they have stalker like behaviors

This is just not ok, so if someone is a stalker, or they exhibit stalker like behaviors, then you should be able to block them from viewing your profile. I know women and men alike that have had someone look at their profile every day – and NEVER send a message. This is creepy at a minimum, and stalker-like behavior (at least early stages) at the worst. I’d definitely block this person from seeing my profile on LinkedIn.

They’re a former business partner or employee of yours

Former business partners and former employees know the same clients, prospects, and other people you know. Showing them as your connections and allowing them to run through your connections is just giving them the opportunity to bad mouth you or steal your clients. I’d consider blocking this person from seeing my profile on LinkedIn.

They’re a former personal partner of yours

If you are no longer dating or married to someone, and you don’t want that person to know where you work or who you’re connecting to, then blocking them from your LinkedIn profile makes sense. I could see blocking a former personal partner from seeing your profile.

Those are my 3 reasons why you might block anyone from seeing your profile on LinkedIn. While it isn’t yet a feature LinkedIn offers, I’d bet soon it will be, so you should think about this as part of your personal connection (and disconnection) strategy.