Best Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Financial Advisors

Want to know the best reasons to use LinkedIn for financial advisors?

Consider this:

orange telephoneDo you do any cold calling, lead generation, or prospect/customer research or is all your business referral based? If you make even one cold call, you could do better to research someone (not everyone) on LinkedIn and find out a bunch more about them. You could find out what groups they are part of, what their interests are, and find something in common to warm up a cold call.

Additionally, if you refer any business, or get any referral business, LinkedIn rocks!

You can look at (most of) your connection’s connections and see who you want to do business with, and ask for an introduction, even off the LinkedIn platform. Alternatively, you can connect anyone to anyone who is using the platform more quickly and easily than anywhere else in a way that means business, not just fluffiness.

LinkedIn is not perfect, but it works well for getting referrals and giving referrals and doing customer and prospect research, and other things as well, for financial advisors.